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Do you have a studio and where are you based out of?

I do not have a studio. I travel to clients for events, trials, and wedding day services. I am based out of Chanhassen, MN.

Do you do hair as well?

I only specialize in makeup but can recommend a few great hair stylists!

Do you have a team working for you?

I don't have a team, just me! Therefore, I can only accommodate up to 8 faces. If you have a larger wedding party or time restrictions, you're welcome to hire a secondary artist for the day as long as my minimum is still being met.

How do trial runs work?

I typically do trial runs a month or two out from the wedding day but can accommodate one sooner if the bride has another special event coming up (i.e bachelorette party, showers, etc.) Trial runs take about an hour to an hour and a half. You should have zero makeup on starting the trial run, I will do skin prep as well before the makeup (cleanser, moisturizer, primer, etc). I encourage brides to try to find a few makeup inspiration pics beforehand so I can have a good idea of what you're looking for!

Can I do a trial run without officially booking you?

Technically yes. Its always a good idea to make sure we are a good fit and that you are happy with my work before booking. However, I do not hold dates without a signed contract and the deposit. The trial run rate is $100 and must be payed on the trial day (mileage fee may be applied).

How long do makeup applications take?

That depends on what look they are going for. I usually like to plan for 45 minutes for the bride and about 35-40 minutes for the wedding party. I am happy to help you plan out your wedding day timeline as needed!

Why should I do airbrush makeup?

I definitely recommend doing airbrush foundation opposed to traditional for many reasons- It is extremely durable and guaranteed to last at least 14 hours, its also pretty water resistant so perfect for those hot summer weddings and late night dancing. It also provides great coverage yet feels very lightweight on your skin and won't get cakey, which is especially nice if you're not used to wearing a lot of makeup. Lastly, it looks amazing in photos! It blurs out any blemishes and appears skin-like to the camera.

Do you offer lessons?

Unfortunately, I do not offer makeup lessons at this time.

What are your sanitary practices?

As someone who is working with people's faces and skin, hygiene is my number one priority. I always wash/sanitize my hands before starting makeup. I make sure I have enough clean brushes to use for each client and never use the same brush on different people without being properly sanitized. I use a steel palette, spatula, and disposables to scoop product onto and work off of (never double dipping into cream/liquid products). Lastly, I spray my shadows/palettes with 70% alcohol and let dry to prevent bacteria/viruses from living on them.

Should I tip you?

Tips are appreciated but never expected! If you want, you can always add on a tip when you pay the invoice or I can accept a cash tip on the day of.

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